Recording for the Splash Back…

The story of when Keith from Capdown Recorded Dissociates by the canal in Milton Keynes in his housing co-op – AC1 Studios Baby!

We got set up in the studio, which was an awesome who’s who of bedfordshire amplifier artillery. I tell you, that area has churned out Vox, Marshall, Blackstar and Aston Martins since year dot.

It is inspiring. You go for a spin and every other car is racing you, powering out of the endless roundabouts and caning off to the centre of town at a zillion miles an hour. Benzine and high gain is in MK’s bloodstream, and I felt completely at home. Ever since the Ford AC Cobra racing team took a LeMans racing car up the newborn M1 at 200mph in the late sixties this place has spelt trouble. Ok so the net result was a 70mph speed limit. Bet it was fun while it lasted.

Get in the back of the van!!!

I totally get it now.


Back in MK it’s still morning and Gabriel and I are experiencing our standard Saturday morning shame. Standing in the Co-op buying a joblot of special offer and fags while the locals are buying breakfast and looking healthy. Yeah fuck you.

We gave BetaMax a shot of Red Mule and he smacked out 3 dope licks in a wanner. Whereupon Keith poked his head through the door and said Keep Going!

So we did, and that’s why we have 5 bangers not 3. Love that guy. The studio is ace, Keith never seems to get tired running from control room to live room, and John is a teccy legend, despite looking like a Vietnam Vet.

Keith lives near a canal. Which means 3 things:

1. We could have floated the amps up from Shoreditch

2. You see the odd dead body. Ned reckons it was a football covered in weed but that fucker winked at me.

3.Between guitar takes you get talking to the oddest canal folk. They start discussing engine lubricants and camshafts and drink your Guiness while your back is turned. Petrolhead Milk and Beans strikes again….

Despite Sonny’s best efforts we managed to bang down the guitars by midnight and settled into a typical Dissociates evening of friendly abuse and cheesy feet. I honestly think we should all be locked up.

And I don’t fucking snore.

Next time:

Dan and Ned paedo it up in a local park, I award stickers for dopeness and Gabriel has a cry.

Stay tuned….


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