Waiting For The Backlash EP top pick on Mr Nixons Music Class Edition 54

Thanks Mr Nixon! we’ll get you a beer next time we’re over! 🙂


The Dissociates www.myspace.com/thedissociates A post punk band from the depths of London in the UK.  Their punk roots are evident on the anthemic ‘Left of Centre’ which at times draws comparisons with a more serious face of Ian Dury.  The frolicking foursome merge that quintessentially British pub rock sound with the edginess of bands such as the Jam or The Clash and carry off the very difficult trick of managing to use music to chart the social history of their locality and personalise the political in an entertaining way.  Their songs are crammed with clever lyrics that twist, turn, delight and which try to tell complex stories with more than a tinge of politicisation are evident on many of the tracks most particularly in ‘Under Heavy Manners’ and ‘Welcome to London’ from which comes this example   They say you are never more than two steps away from a rat.  Round here we are a lot closer than that. Not that it is all about the lyrics, they have good tunes that they play with consummate skill and no little exuberance.  There are six tracks to get your teeth into and the pick of the bunch for me, just shading it from ‘Under Heavy Manners’ was ‘Context’.  Presently gigging around their home city let’s hope they tour more widely soon.  How long will it take them to make an appearance on Later, I wonder?  Well Jools, I beat you to them :-p  Can they break the  curse of being my top choice?


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