Got Mics?

Our new recording is being overseen and engineered by Ben from Got Mics. Ben is a consumate professional and runs a mobile studio – will travel. He’s going to be in charge of the whole affair, which will involve setting up the drums out in a space in Brook Green, West London (yeah we know Weezy sucks, but we gotta use what we can). Bens beenaround the punk scene for years, playing in many of the capitals most interesting noise merchants – check out Down I Go among others.

We tracked the guides over at his in North Greenwich then walked through the park and acted like tourists at the Meridien – pretty much essential when in the area. We met up Matt & Max from our brothers in arms The Holiday Plan and having some beers on the river then got the river taxi down into town – passing a massive and intimidating WAR BOAT probably bound for some war zone. Weird seeing that in the middle of our city, and not something that we feel should be encouraged.

Unnecesary militarism aside, a wicked day. With Got Mics at the controls we’re feeling quietly confident about this recording… 🙂


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