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Single Series #2 – Atalanta

Atalanta available for free download & streaming now!

London underground favourites The Dissociates are kicking off 2015 by releasing studio tracks and rarities from the last year in order to make way for further brand new tracks this summer.

Despite rather improbably being flown out to Belfast to feature in BBC’s hit drama The Fall, 2014 was actually a subdued year for the London 4-piece as they experienced a slight line-up change.

A rest was much needed considering their previous high level of shows with the likes of Slaves, Joe Lally (Fugazi), The Bots, Crazy Arm, Capdown etc… and touring in the UK, Germany and a completely insane DIY Punk venue tour of Ukraine all done on public transport just before the war kicked off over there, including a date at a local biker gang clubhouse in Eastern Ukraine near the Russian border attended by over 200 people (tour video can be found here – including footage from that show.) The band also has released singles on both legendary London DIY Label Household Name Records and Disorder records

Atalanta is the second of three tracks to be released over Spring 2015 by Safety Second Music, it was recorded by Ben Standage at Audio Underground in Hackney. All tracks can be streamed and downloaded for free on their bandcamp, soundcloud or website.

Soundcloud Streaming & Download
BandCamp Streaming & Download
Dropbox Streaming & Download
Youtube Video link
Band Website


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Single Series #1 – Dial House


First up is a track we recorded at Audio Underground Studios with Ben ( – he recorded us in a massive old ramshackle room in Stoke Newington with carpets on the floor and rain on the window.

The song is about Dial House, the grade 2 listed 16th-century cottage on the outskirts of North Weald which has been converted to an artist collective by Penny Rimbaud from Crass along with other members and like-minded discontents

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New Single Series for Spring 2015

Been a while, eh!?

We will be digitally putting out 3 singles this spring, comprised of various bits and bobs that we never got round to releasing before now for various reasons. Taken from assorted past sessions these songs demonstrate that, although we may not be the most prolific recording band, we are still writing and working away!

We hope you enjoy!


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New Dissociates 7″ on Household Name Records soon come

Right, we’re back in London after our AMAZING time on tour in the Ukraine (tour diary & video coming soon) and we have some good news – we are delighted to announce that next Dissociates single will be coming out on esteemed London label Household Name Records – a label that has been part of our lives for many years through the London scene, and has released some of the best records from DIY UK bands over the past decade – and longer. Proud to be part of the stable!


It will be available from all the usual outlets, as well as from us direct at live shows – and digitally. Release date, launch party and supporting tour information to follow soon!
Thanks, and see you on the road! 🙂

The Dizzies x

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Dissociates EP Launch at The Old Blue Last

We have FINALLY got the physical CDs delivered!

so Safety Second are having a REALLY special release party at the Old Blue Last

This show is TOTALLY FREE and we have personally picked every band on the bill so its going to be a really special afternoon – it starts early at 5 and will finish by 10 so everyone can get home

you can stream the EP digitally now from Spotify or Bandcamp or pick up an actual copy from us on the night


Safety Second Music are proud to host:
Dissociates / Damerels / Fresh Eyes For The Dead Guy / Wonk Unit / Fashoda Crisis


!!! FREE SHOW !!! EARLY DOORS – 5pm – 10pm !!! OLD BLUE LAST !!!

aka the physical launch party for the DROWN THIS TOWN EP by Dissociates


Post Hardcore tales from the New North Road

stream the EP for free now on


voted in Punknews.orgs Top 5 EPs of the year

Plymouths Secret Weapon – EXPLOSIVE garage rock’n’roll

Fresh Eyes For The Dead Guy
Finally make it lo London! Prime H/C real estate from Nottingham. Sonic Youth vs Shellac vs At The Drive In

Wonk Unit
the band, the legend! Tales of love from the scaffold with cement dust in the eyes and a half pipe below

Fashoda Crisis
“A wire brush to the brain…magical mix of thrash attack and black humour”
Fergus Lawrie – Urusei Yatsura & Projekt A-Ko


Really hope to see you there for the first show of the year x


Facebook Event is here!

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Drown This Town EP physical release!!

From the press release! 🙂 you can now pick them up from us at shows!


Safety Second Music are delighted to finally announce the physical release of London Towns own Post-Punk / Punk-Step / call-them-what-you-will explosive 4 piece’s second EP, including expanded artwork, details and lyrics. Recorded by Ben Standage (from Hardcore / Progcore weirdos DOWN I GO) at Orchard Studios over the summer in 2011

After unprecedented underground interest generated by its digital release on iTunes, Spotify, bandcamp etc… and selling hundreds of the lead single KICK AND SHOVE at shows throughout the UK and Germany, Safety Second stepped up and have done a limited edition physical run of the full EP on CD with Vinyl to follow in 2012.

Referred to as the “Best EP of the year” by influential American website (review), Dissociates have often been difficult to define – being referenced with Fugazi and Bluetip, Biffy Clyro and Billy Talent, Les Savy Fav and The Pixies, The Clash and The Jam, Franz Ferdinand and the Minutemen and Future Of The Left and Mclusky


After playing the country with the likes of Joe Lally (Fugazi), Blag (The Dwarves), Lars Friedrickson (Rancid), Crazy Arm, Capdown, The King Blues, Sonic Boom Six – Dissociates recorded and released the DROWN THIS TOWN EP over the summer of constant touring and discontent, actually finishing the process on that awful weekend of the Norwegian massacre and news of Amy Winehouse’s death.

In 2011 the Dissociates toured Germany twice off their own back and have been up and down the country multiple times with the likes of crazy arm, capdown and Damerels.

“The EP reflects a general disenchantment with whats going on in London – and beyond – at the moment, we are referencing everyone from Henry Miller to the situationists in ’68” Says Daniel Stevens (vocals, Guitar)

“There aren’t enough artists who are prepared to take a stand – or are able to do so with any kind of intelligence – in the x-Factor age its only artists like Future Of The Left or Billy Bragg who are making a coherent stand. We aim to help them with that musically, morally and directionally” Ned Mendez (Guitar, Vocals)

Dissociates will be continuing to tour the EP in early 2012 and have been asked by the Old Blue Last to do a release party in January. In 2012 Dissociates will be returning to Germany and France, and visiting Russia & Ukraine

Their sound manages to link the US underground punk scenes of the ‘80’s and ‘90’s – Husker Du, Jawbox and the like – with the homegrown sounds of The Clash and The Jam, a combination as clever as it is incendiary. Frontman Daniel Stevens is a bundle of nervous energy and spurs his bandmates onto matching him, whether he is wrestling feedback from his long-suffering guitar or roaring his incisive, melodic vocals into the mic. And with tunes like the simple but ferociously catchy “On The Motorway” or the compulsive “Dissociate”, and a few more shows as powerful and brilliant as this one, it can only be a matter of time before they come to much wider attention.” SUBBACULCHA

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Germany Tour and new record

We are about to leave for Germany (in about 1/2 hour actually) so if you’re in europe then try and make some of these dates:


01/09 Aachen – Wild Rover

02/09 Eschweiler

03/09 Durwis – Rock Am Pool

04/09 Dortmund FZW


Also we HAVE A NEW RECORD OUT!!!! Its on bandcamp now and will be on iTunes and Spotify presently, and here’s a track to listen to now,


see you when we get back! 🙂

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