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Dissociates EP Launch at The Old Blue Last

We have FINALLY got the physical CDs delivered!

so Safety Second are having a REALLY special release party at the Old Blue Last

This show is TOTALLY FREE and we have personally picked every band on the bill so its going to be a really special afternoon – it starts early at 5 and will finish by 10 so everyone can get home

you can stream the EP digitally now from Spotify or Bandcamp or pick up an actual copy from us on the night


Safety Second Music are proud to host:
Dissociates / Damerels / Fresh Eyes For The Dead Guy / Wonk Unit / Fashoda Crisis


!!! FREE SHOW !!! EARLY DOORS – 5pm – 10pm !!! OLD BLUE LAST !!!

aka the physical launch party for the DROWN THIS TOWN EP by Dissociates


Post Hardcore tales from the New North Road

stream the EP for free now on

Spotify http://open.spotify.com/artist/5r4cHuImwap6sHcmCzbry7
Bandcamp http://thedissociates.bandcamp.com/

voted in Punknews.orgs Top 5 EPs of the year

Plymouths Secret Weapon – EXPLOSIVE garage rock’n’roll

Fresh Eyes For The Dead Guy
Finally make it lo London! Prime H/C real estate from Nottingham. Sonic Youth vs Shellac vs At The Drive In

Wonk Unit
the band, the legend! Tales of love from the scaffold with cement dust in the eyes and a half pipe below

Fashoda Crisis
“A wire brush to the brain…magical mix of thrash attack and black humour”
Fergus Lawrie – Urusei Yatsura & Projekt A-Ko


Really hope to see you there for the first show of the year x


Facebook Event is here!


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cool shit we’ve been doing…. London Summertime

this month we’ve played some great shows – including the one in central london with our brothers crazy arm where a taxi caught fire and exploded outside the venue at stage time




the rest of the month we’ve been finishing the new record with the excellent Ben Standage who managed not only to get through the whole process but actually stood in on bass with us for our last tour with our OTHER plymouth brothers The Bedroom Project. Should be dropping soon so watch this space.


we’ve got some shows coming up with some bands we’re pretty psyched about, first up the first ever Disgusted in Tunbridge Wells festival at the forum with Lars Friedrickson (who played in a little known band called Rancid – among others) and the anti-nowhere  league which will be awesome. Then next weekend we are playing with our Milton Keynes brothers CAPDOWN (keith recorded our first EP, fact fans) at the crauford arms – looks like it’ll be a total roadblock so if you haven’t already got a ticket good luck – thats also with anti-vigilante as a bonus.


and the week after that, we are very proud to say we will be playing with The Kominas at the Old Blue Last. The Kominas – if you don’t know them – follow in the grand tradition of the Dead Kennedys and every intelligent punk rock band that followed and have been instrumental in the creation on the Taqwacore movement. We strongly advise you to check them out if you don’t know them already. So big times and shows all around.


Saturday 30th July: TUNBRIDGE WELLS FORUM with Lars Friedrickson, Anti No-where league & more STAGE TIME 4.30PM

Friday 5th August: MILTON KEYNES CRAUFORD ARMS with Capdown & Anti Vigilante

Thursday 11th August: OLD BLUE LAST LONDON with The Kominas,

new record out on safety second, keep your ears peeled

and don’t forget you can download some free songs of ours from our bandcamp if you can’t wait

maybe video soon too, forgot about that! 🙂



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